Recipe of the Week – Lobster Tacos at The District Miami

March 27, 2014  Leave a comment

Lobster Malanga Taco 2 Lobster Malanga Tacos


Makes 3 (small) Tacos

Duplicate quantities for larger taco shells

8 oz fresh lobster meat

1 tbsp diced piquillo pepper

1/2 tbsp scallions

1/2 tbsp limejuice

1 small crispy shallot

2 oz pickled cabbage

1 tsp kosher salt

Aji Mayonnaise

1 tbsp aji Amarillo paste

1 whole egg

1 egg yolk

1 cup soy bean oil

1 lemon

1 tsp kosher salt

How to prepare the Aji Mayonnaise:

Beat the eggs and add the salt and the aji Amarillo

Add the soy bean oil slowly until reaching a firm consistency

Finish by adding the lime juice and salt, as desired

At The District Miami, our tacos our made fresh daily with Malanga, which is Gluten free.

However, for the home cook you may purchase taco shells at the store

Bringing the taco together:

Cut the cooked lobster meat in medium cubes

In a mixing bowl, place the lobster

Add the green onion, pimiento piquillo, salt and lime juice

Mix in the Mayonnaise and mix well

Fill your tacos shells and serve!

Chef Horacio Rivadero recommends serving with pickled cabbage.