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Julie Frans, Essentia Restaurant at the Palms Hotel and Steven Shaw, Shaw Vineyards

Julie Frans, Essentia Restaurant at the Palms Hotel and Steven Shaw, Shaw Vineyards

For those who keep up with our website – thank you!  And God Bless Your Heart!  Of course, my daughter was not surprised when I called her with my website woes – “What happened to the changes – where did they go!!!!”

We posted and updated and uploaded photos – but alas, they are in the clouds somewhere – not to be found again!  So here we are – back to square one.  The shows from 2014 are uploaded – so if you missed a show this year, you can find them  on the site – just click the “On the Air” button.

It is hard to believe, but we begin our third season of HCA’s East Florida Hospital Eat This Drink That Go! Presented by Whole Foods Market soon.  Jimmy and I thank you for all of your support.  Our radio show will soon be on television.  Stay tuned for more details!

Just a recap of January!

We were eating this!!!

Drink this!

  • Van Williamson from Witching Stick Wines out of Philo shared choices from his first vintage, Steven Shaw visited from the Finger Lakes Region with his extraordinary wines from Shaw Vineyard and Emilio Guerra from Dreyfus Ashby was back in the studio with some great selections.  Donald Patz from Patz & Hall Wines and Doug Shafer from Shafer Wines stopped by.  Donald just opened a new tasting room in Sonoma.  Can’t wait to visit!


Our official travel sponsor – Sienna Charles Travel.  Planning a special trip – don’t drive yourself crazy – call Jaclyn and Freddie.  When Jimmy and I grow up we want to be Jaclyn and Freddie.  They will not send you somewhere they haven’t checked out themselves.  They will be back in the studio this Saturday!  Last week we spoke Superbowl tips with Brittany Gilbert, the How-To-Hostess from Brown Forman and with Kelsey Nixon from the Cooking Channel.  Look for her at the upcoming South Beach Food & Wine Festival.